Global specialist in digital communication in healthcare institutions.

Spécialiste mondial de la communication digitale en établissement de santé.



The innovation solution to build and strengthen an extremely qualitative, sustainable and privileged brand/consumer relationship. While distinguishing the brand from its competitors by its social commitment that directly affects their consumers.

La solution innovante pour batir et renforcer une relation marque/consommateur extrêmement qualitative, durable et privilégiée. Tout en distinguant la marque de ses concurrents par son engagement social qui touche directement leurs consommateurs.

AdBiotiqueMedia ( a french startup ) is an advertising agency specializing in public and private healthcare institutions. Our solution is simple, effective and 100% digital. With a team able to deliver our services in a reliable, fast and secure way, in nearly 31 countries.

AdBiotiqueMedia ( startup française) est une régie publicitaire spécialiste des établissements de santé publics et privées. Notre solution est simple, efficace et 100% digitale. Avec une équipe capable, aujourd'hui, de délivrer nos services de manière fiable, rapide et sécurisée, dans près de 31 pays.


" Concretely, what allows you to declare yourself as one of the most qualitative and effective media ? "

  1. The average duration of the advertiser's message, on our support, can last much longer, from 2 to 10 minutes. This allows to transmit more information about the products, the values of the brand,...

  2. Repetition is the key to learning. A captive audience exposed to our advertising media for an average of 2 to 8 hours.

  3. This audience shows a result of important memorization of the commercial message, for several months on average. Explained by the fact that people in a health facility usually experience unusually emotional and questioning moments.

  4. Distinction of the advertiser of its competitors by the strong social commitment.

  5. Flexible solution, digital format, quality, security and humanization of the image of the brand,...

  6. And much more,...


You are a health facility, of all sizes, from any country and you want to benefit from additional income?

Thanks to our innovative digital communication solution, you can generate up to several million euros a year. Our solution is 100% free, flexible and free of charge, forever.

" Concretely, how does this happen? "

  1. We install some digital screens at strategic locations in your health facility.

  2. Advertisers pass their message on these advertising media.

  3. You are paid !

Discover also our charter which allows to strictly regulate all our advertising contents.


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February 5th, 2019

Mrs Khadija HALLA, our CEO and Founder at a meeting with Mrs FONTANEL, Health counselor to the President of France, Mr MACRON.